Since mankind gained self rule, religion has taken a major catalytic role on politics, and hence both have become inseperable siamese twins. Over the ages we have seen ‘uncivil’ civil wars which have religious undertone. So I can say confidently say that religion is the seeming backbone of politics.
Any political leader who wished to excel had to will a certain bond with his religious counterparts, this is mainly because the religious congregation are like the proverbial mob which has no soul, when it comes to religious matters, those who are purpotedly closer to infinite knowledge have the onus to do and undo.
In 104 BC, jewish history tells of Alexander Jannaeus and Judah Aristobulus sons of John Hyrcanus, both had claim to the throne but were plaqued different ideologies on religion which played a massive role in the almost anihilation of the jewish empire.
Their father ran a sudducee government despite the majority of pharisees population. It got to a time in the rein of Alexander Jannaeus, the Pharisee controlled the Sanhendrin and the king controlled government, hence Pharisees the people and the king policies and the army.
In recent times, we have seen politicians use religious umbrages to score points and cause silent wars in the populace of Africa and Nigeria. Every individual belong to a certain religion or one that has an influence over them. The best option for the way out is
1. Using religion as a tool for driving National unity and not for ostensible motives, it is no longer new that religious leaders enjoy the largese of political benevolence.
2. A clear cut differentiation of religion as a faith and not an ideaology. Everyman has a will and a choice in every subject matter. None should be coerced into the thougths of a few mighty.
And when these are imbibed to the end, the society can then begin to witness a revolutionary change. If a revolution comes without proper foundation, we end up ‘back at one’. Stay blessed.