Sun 27th January 2019


Give instruction to a wise man and he will be wiser still,teach a righteous man and he will increase in learning .Proverb 9:9.
One of the most remarkable character assets of great and successful people is that they possess a teachable spirit. A man with a teachable spirit is humble ,holding a proper perception of how little he knows and how more he needs to learn. He has an insatiable hunger for personal development ,this in turn makes him ask questions, he’s not ashamed to ask as it opens the door to learning and more learning.
Those that are teachable are students of everyone that has anything important to impact. They are indeed students of the lives of great men. No matters the depth or height of knowledge you’ve acquired over the years,always create room to learn more and develop new concepts in whichever area that concerns you.
You can be better than you are now and far higher than where you are right now. It is all wrapped up in learning . your ability to learn, grow and fulfil your potentials is unlimited. Never be ashamed to ask questions when you are ignorant or confused. Thus your great goal in life should be to fulfil your potentials and becomes everything you are capable of becoming . its time you go for that computer training ,there are still Books to be read ,goals are achievable when you make your mind an ever- learning ground.

1. Lord l refuse to be statics in learning this year.
2. O Lord I receive grace to conquer new territories

Precious Jesus,I thank You for your word that brings light ,my life is renewed and refreshed , I am ever fruitful and productive in Jesus Name.

FURTHER READING : Proverbs 1:5 ,2Tim 3: 14
YEARLY READING: Philemon 1:1-25