Thur 24th January 2019


Better is a poor and a wise child than an old and foolish king ,who will no more be admonished. For he (the poor wise child child) comes out of prison to be king. Although he was been poor in his kingdom( Ecclesiastes 4:13 -14).
Here are two men of different ages dissimilar socio -economic background .one was poor, wise and young; the other was old foolish and princely . At the end, however, what determined their level of influence was neither age not social status but their altitude to learning . The dividing line here was that one man saw himself as a child ; as one not fully formed ; one who is still in a growth process. The more he opened himself to learning ,the better he grew and the more efficient he became . in the end his results and influence were wonderful ( Ecclesiastes 4 :15 -16)
However ,the other man saw himself as old .one who had seen it all,understood everything and needed no one to admonish or teach him. He drew the curtain over his mind, so that it became impossible for him to explore the vast possibilities of processing new ideas.
The truth is,if you command great results this year,you must open your mind to learn new ways of doing things. Truly ,the mark of successful people is the insatiable hunger to learn more.


1. O Lord ,give me a teachable spirit.
2. Father create a hunger in me to learn.

I have an excellent spirit. I think differently because God’s word has given me a new mindset. I grow daily in the knowledge of God’s word and in all my affairs.

FURTHER READING : proverb 9:9,Acts 7:22.
YEARLY READING : Jeremiah 33.