SAT 2ND FEB 2019.

The labour of the foolish wearieth everyone of them,because he knows not how to go to the city. Ecc 10 :15.
Many Christians have good and laudable plans but the challenge has always been a poor execution and management systems of the said plan. Expectation is often frustrated when a system of delivery is poorly managed . Getting the technical -know-how of any plan is a primary requirement for its success. This is why Knowledge is an inevitable and undisoitabke factor in the pursuit of your God – given assignment.
The Bible says “Also ,that the soul be without knowledge ,it is not good” (Pro 19 :2). So ,knowledge is key to the fulfilment of any destiny . it is absolutely important.
The above text reads that the labour of a foolish man wearies both him and everyone around him simply because he doesn’t have the technical -know- how of what he is doing.knowledge is a guiding light in the midst Of darkness . Nothing makes life easy like dealing with workable truths in relation to one’s pursuit in life.
Lack of prosper understanding of a plan is the mother of frustration of such plans. Until you doggedly dig about your vision for the year, the “WHYs” and the “HOWs” will never be unfolded.
Apostle Paul said “study to shoe yourself approved unto God ” II Tim 2:15. The art of study ing involves a conscious and curious search for workable facts that ultimately produce tangible results.
Success in Life is not a function of chanvr neither is it a function of luck bit of choice . until you deliberately choose to pursue that goal of yours with workable knowledge on how to get it done ,your struggles in life may continue.

a. Lord ,I receive grace to dig deep into your word this year
b. Father ,as I pursue after knowledge this year,cause my eyes of understanding to be open in Jesus Name.

Christ is my wisdom and He Lives in me . Therefore ,there’s no limit to my knowledge. I activate the wisdom and knowledge in me to produce tangible results this year in Jesus Name.

FURTHER READING 2Pet 1:2, col 1:9