FRI 1st FEB 2019.

But you are a chosen generation ,a royal priesthood, a holy nation,a percyliar people;that you should shew forth the praise of Him who had called you out of darkness into His marvelous light .1Peter 2:9.
Wow! What a scripture of description it is? The world is in need of you . God took time to make you who you are. If you weren’t important ,God would not have spent such quality time to work out your mathematics.
You were chosen by divinity so you cannot be defeated by circumstance .Never you allow your present state of demean the greatness that lies within you.indeed, you’re too loaded to be deafed.
Jesus said “you are the salt of the Earth ” mat 5:13. It goes to show that without you life itself will not taste better for some people. You can’t afford to fail your generation. Your being on ground determines the fulfilment of many destinies .Many lives are tied to you. Peradventure you leave this earth today. Many generations many struggle for eternity to cover the wide gap you created as a result of your departure. You’re indeed too loaded to be defeated.
Lack of self -discovery is the reason for inferiority complex. If you don’t know your worth in God ,people will put you where they think you should belong . There’s something specially good in you, never you allow anyone ,I mean “anyone” to demean you of your true identity in God .You’re too loaded to be trapped down by inferiority complex.
The discoulvery of God’s perception of you is your warranty for leaving an indelible footprint behind for your generation. You’re too loaded to be despised by any man.

a . Father ,I refuse to be defeated by my present circumstances .
b. O Lord ,I come against the lies of the devil, I can’t fail my generation.

Now I know my true identity in Christ ,I’m too loaded to be molested of the devil . I’ve been chosen and called by God to show forth His praise on earth . Indeed. I will EMERGE