Tue 29th January 2019


See thou a man diligent in his business ,he shall stand before Kings: he shall not stand before mean men . Prov 22:29.
By diligence, I mean hardwork .I’ve come to appreciate the fact that no man succeeds in life by accident. Life is not a product of luck but work. Fulfilment in life is your heritage in God ,but no slothful or idle person will ever enjoy the glorious inheritance in Christ.
No one can ever succeed if he’s not a committed worker. Every great man or woman that has achieved success in their pursuit are indeed men that are completely sold out to hardwork. It is practically impossible for anyone to success in life without diligence.
Anyone who wants to win the prize Of successful living must be ready to pay the price. That price is hardworking. There are so many people who had dreams to accomplish great things in life but the dreams died in their minds, not because the devil was so powerful neither was there any power from their villages witch hunting them. The reason there dreams never saw the light of the day was simply because they did nothing to bring them to pass. Until physical approach and actions follow your mental belief and verbal confession ,your dreams of success will never come to pass.
Ecc 10 :18 says ” By much slothfulness the building decays, and through idleness of the hands,the housing drops through. Listen there is no future for any lazy or idle person in God’s kingdom . Nothing will ever work for an idle or lazy man. Get to work now,this year 2019 will yield better things for you,if you commit yourself to work now.


a. Father ,I refuse to be lazy and idle this year.
b. Father, I receive the spirit of diligence in Jesus Name.

Heavenly father,I thank you for giving me the wisdom and ability for hardworking. This year I shall not be lazy but strong to put all my dreams to work. Through diligence I will stand before Kings in Jesus Name.