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Yet another pleasureable moment with Eon, as we open the scroll of antecedence, I say it is a delight.
Today, we bring a mini compendium of his famous nuggets, he puts this as sum of all his teachings. Same unique venue, Temple of Astutes, the young, old and council members were gathered to discuss affairs of the province. Eon in his usual regalia sat beside the king.
The topic for the day was: WISDOM FOR HEALTHY LIVING. The first speaker was a foreigner, who said “the best wisdom for healthy living was to Iive as the gods have willed”, everyone nodded in acceptance till a young lad rose and asked “how do we know what the gods have willed?”.
This prompted uproar, as the crowd was thrown into confusion. A lot of citizens rose to speak but this only amounted to more questions been raised from their replies.
With much hesitation, Eonn decided to wade in, as soon as he rose, the hall was thrown into silence, to hear the words that would proceed from the mouth of the erudite scholar. He began by observing protocol, saying “good and wise citizens of the almagamated province, to say the least, this discussion is apt”. As our young ones have gone astray from the right path to success and a truly happy life. But I am glad that a lot of questions have been asked, because truly, wisdom comes from in the asking of questions, for from questions answers do rise, and as we have seen today, from answers too more questions arise.
I speak not because I’m the wisest or richest, but for the fact that I have been on both side of the divide ‘sweet and sour’, and my life draws to a close and hence must share my wealth of experience and ordeals. I sum up life in in thirty master pieces and that I will share.
I have written thirty nuggets of knowledge and good advice for those who will hearken, and will teach you what the truth is, so when you seek you shall find the answers.
Don’t take advantage of the poor just because you can, don’t take advantage of those who stand helpless in court, the lord will argue their case for them and threaten the life of anyone who threaten theirs
Don’t make friends with people who have hot violent tempers. You might learn their habits and not be able to change
Don’t promise to be responsible for someone else’s debt, if you should be unable to pay, they will take away your bed
Never move an old boundary mark that your ancestors established
Show me someone who does a good job and I will show you someone who is better than most and worthy of the company of kings

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Yet again, we draw again from the ‘scroll of antecedents’ to see what wisdom can be useful, one of my favourite quote is “the Bamboo that bends to the wind is stronger than the Oak that resists and gets pulled off the ground”, stressing that a bit of flexibility is needed in everything you do, just as the Bamboo used flexibility as a survival tactic.
Without much ado, Eon is teaching, and he says to the young and old after the days’ work:
• Reprove not a scorner, lest he hates thee
• Rebuke a wise man and he will love thee
• Stolen water is sweet, bread eaten in secret is pleasant, but he knoweth not that the dead are there and her quests are in the depth of hell.
In usual manner, he gives two analogues (the scorner and thief). Anything gotten illegally has its consequences.
Ariel in her mid-teens was fond of opposite sex as friends, amongst her few female friends was Bellae, Ariel was daughter to the kings’ chamberlain, and hadthe best of everything, but was trained to be modest and humble.
Bellae was from an average family and a manipulative being and spoil t by her mother, she was wild and suffered ‘superiority complex’. Ariel and Bellae were bosom friends; quarrels upon quarrels weakened their bond of friendship.
Bellae had eyes for Aeges, the young physician unknown to her, was an acquaintance of Ariel; she tried to no avail to bed Aeges, on one of such days, Ariel walked into the ugly scene. An infuriated Bellae, assumed Ariel and Aeges werein love, this was the proverbial straw that broke thecamel’s back. She blacklisted Ariel and waited forslightest provocation to discredit Ariel, with several efforts from Ariel to mend the fence fellon deaf ears.
On the Night of the Free Fall in Shewpo province, itwas customary for citizens to mend fences over anyfeud, as mandated by the King. A free spirited Ariel,sent emissaries to Bellae to strike a truce. Thewatchmen were ordered by Bellae to kill themessengers and send harsh words to Ariel.
On a strong resolution, Ariel called on the Council forjustice, Bellae was invited for a fair hearing. It wasagreed that Bellae apologises, she bluntly refused,saying she had just begun. Ariel was told to avoid herfor peace sake. Bellae conjured lies about Arielanytime a suitor approached. On several occasions,the council would reprove Bellae, but rather she gotworse and didn’t heed to warnings. Until it got to apoint, the council came to a resolution that none inthe province buys or sells to Bellae.
Eon made reference to a wise man that once lived’king of the jews’, who advised that if a person offendyou, be the first to ask for reconciliation (whetherright or wrong), if they refuse, get another to go withyou, still if they refuse, get kindred to wade in, if theydon’t change, then you can treat such as a scornerand let them be, and relate with them as such.
This was the exact action of the council. She then hadno friend and was treated as an outcast and as adirect effect died of loneliness.

Never assume you are better than the nest person, let flexibility beguide your actions, let forgiveness be a part of your genome because you stand to lose more if you don’t. Anyone you fail to forgive automatically gains an edge over you emotionally. Imagine when you see an offender, your blood pressure shoots up and your peace vanishes and you raise your body temperature to almost boiling point, and freely increasing the level of adrenalin in your blood stream, and this supposed offender might even be unaware of your grievance and is happy while you die slowly, indeed you have short changed yourself.
Never jump into conclusionswithout analyzing situations.




Always ensure to put into practice all you learn, for that way you shall surely grow, and always ensure you pay attention to cultivating an unshakable character, never be swayed by the conditions of life.
Before we get into the juicy tale, there is a remarkable statement Eon made at a gathering of young people who came to draw wisdom from his bosom “there is nothing extraordinary that was achieved or will ever be accomplished, that the achiever never believed he/she superior to the conditions or environmental challenges around them”.
This affirms that for you to be spectacular or outstanding, it has to begin with you knowing you can conquer when the situations around you says otherwise.
Again, let’s take a trip to lands faraway and share some nuggets by Eon
• Envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways
• Devise not evil against thy neighbour
Eon relates:
On one of my sojourns to foreign lands, I witnessed an event that made me to search for more answers to the question of life and existence. Nebulon, the merchant and herdsman who lived in Leboa, ten leagues away from Neopk province, a very good friend mine, was a senior courtier in Leboa.
Nebulon was a revered and highly respected personality, he had accumulated possessions that could last his tenth generation to come, the king had a soft spot for him, as his wise and promptly advice saved the kingdom on several occasions, but there was a twist in the tale somewhere.
On the home front, he had a large number of servants and a retinue of maids. Due to his wealth and affluence, he accumulated a lot of friends as well, notably amongst who was Fleso, who had a pretty and angelic wife Neola, who was regarded as the hand maid of the gods.
Nebulon had eyes for the wife of his friend; he paid several visits to Fleso, who never doubted his loyalty as a friend. Despite being famous Nebulon was a schemer, on several occasion he would send his guards to fetch Neola on the promise of wealth unimaginable. Neola was a devoted wife, never swayed by the promises of Nebulon.
On a cool breezy evening, the sun had just set over Leboa, on the broad street of sushwan, Nebulon dressed gracefully even more than the king stood with a strange figure never seen in all of Leboa. They talked in a low tone and after few minutes bid farewell to each other.
In leboa, the Night of the full moon was a night to pay homage to the gods of fire who were to have protected Leboa from invasion in times past, on the said night, no man was to be found fighting or arguing with another man.
Fleso had just eaten his evening meal and climbed to the roof of his house, to be one with nature. Suddenly he heard a loud noise from his household; he rushed down and found a strange man trying to rape his beloved Neola, out of anger, he hit the fellow and a fight was inevitable.
Nebulon had carefully plotted that the king and himself pass by the house of Fleso at the said hour.
The law was clear on this matter; both men were to be sacrificed on the altar of Leboaz(god of fire). Nebulon used his highly exalted office to convince the king and his fellow courtiers that they couldn’t sacrifice a man who was not an indigene of their province; if they did Leboa risked inviting war to them by killing a man who was ignorant to their laws and custom. As for Fleso, he should be made to go the way of the law.
As a good friend and adviser of the king and court, his argument was bought by all. The strange man was freed after been trashed for invading the household of Fleso, while Fleso was to be sacrificed on the next full moon and for the time being was in the dungeon.
Nebulon finally had his time with Neola by promising to free her husband with his influence.
On the execution day, Nebulon pleaded that Fleso be sold to him as a slave and all that he owned, as there was a clause on the law that states “if a free man was to be executed, he could be bought and hence his freedom became his ultimate price”.
The clause was activated by Nebulon, and he finally bought over Fleso and his household (including Neola). She finally became his slave wife, out of shock for the new trend, Fleso died.

You see how people manipulate the law and others in their bid to achieving their selfish desires. Nebulon played with the law and the minds of the courtiers and the king. I say to you, be careful of the company you keep and never use your position to oppress another.
Just as the saying goes “lord help me with my friends I can take care of my enemies” and as well “keep your enemies close and your friends even closer”, history serves us well with stories of betrayal and sabotage. There are individuals who appear so smooth and caring and deep within they are actually the long nose mouse, they come with so much tales of others hating on you, just to get favours, always learn to rebuke them.
Caesar and Jesus are perfect examples of these cases, despite that; there is always the application of the paradoxical law of life;“Never stop doing well even if those you do it for don’t appreciate”.
Learn from the jolly old frog that was lured to a party to whine and get the most beautiful animal in the forest and never returned to tell the tale, or the conquest of the ​Spanish conquistadors who wore themselves out in pursuit of Eldorado, just because of a purported belief of the people. Learn to make wise and calculated decisions so you don’t end up in the abyss. Despite the aforementioned it is a sign of greatness to let go off past hurts but definitely avoid further occurrence.